Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prince William's godfather, ex-King Constantine of Greece, thinks Kate's great

The former king of Greece told The Associated Press on
Monday that his godson Prince William has found the ideal partner in Kate Middleton.

Ex-King Constantine, a longtime family friend and a distant relation of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, said William will be able to draw strength from Middleton in the years to come.
"Kate is ideal for him," said Constantine from a drawing room in his London mansion, where informal photos of European royals — including William as a little boy dressed in a blue and white sailor suit — were displayed.

"She's a lovely girl and they're in love. I don't know her personally, I've only met her once, but she seems to be a very sweet person," he said. "I'm sure she will be ideal for him and will give him every kind of strength and support that he'll need. It goes both ways but this is a special kind of marriage. His choice. He fell in love with her."

The former monarch, dressed in a gray suit and a striped tie, is one of the English royal family's closest friends. William is godfather to one of his grandsons, Konstantine Alexiox.

Constantine said he and his family are looking forward to attending the April 29 royal wedding at Westminster Abbey, which has been dubbed the wedding of the year.

"Of course the cameras will be rolling at this event, but we will be enjoying ourselves, and it's going to be a very happy family event," he said. "We're all going to have great fun."

His advice to the youthful couple getting ready for the trip to the altar is simple: They should put aside the pressure and tension and make sure to take some pleasure in the big event.

"Enjoy the wedding as much as you can," he said. "Enjoy every moment of it. I'm sure she's going to have a lovely dress, she's going to look beautiful, he's going to look fantastic. They are a young couple where good wishes are going to come from everywhere, and they should enjoy that. And stay happy for the rest of their lives."

Constantine was deposed in 1967.

source: AP