Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elias Psinakis threatens with legal actions against ERT

Elias Psinakis continues with crusade against the ERT decision to eliminate without any descent reasoning, Theocharis Ioannides from the 2011 Greek selection. Mr Psinakis (former manager of Sakis Rouvas and Kostas Martakis, both known from the Eurovision Song Contest) threatens that he might take legal actions against the broadcaster if in
tomorrow's ERT decision the name of Theocharis Ioannides will remain eliminated.

It is said by the Greek broadcaster that tomorrow, ERT will re-examine the submissions of Theocharis Ioannides and Yannis Savidakis although most of us expect no surprise in the final line up. 

In the meantime, Yorgos Kapoutzides (NF host 2006) said that ERT made a big mistake on the issue of Theocharis and the argument was also supported in many TV interviews by Elpida (Greece 1978, Cyprus 1986).
source: oikotimes